Hypochlorous Acid (hocl)

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Eco-friendly and natural

Hypochlorous Acid is the most natural disinfectant in the world making it safe for both skin and surface contact areas. It reduces the number of chemicals that seep onto land and sea, reducing the global carbon footprint and restoring balance to nature.

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Reduces Water Use

ECA water solutions reduce the amount of water usage as it does not require post-rinse. It’s naturally biodegradable breaking down in natural light without leaving strong smells or residue.


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High Efficacy

Electrolysed water products contain HOCl, which is proven to be 300 times more effective than synthetic chemicals, with a faster activation time that lasts longer on all contact surfaces.


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Safe for humans and pets

Disinfectants with a high toxicity composition can be extremely harmful to humans and animals, and in some cases, deadly without seeking immediate medical attention. ECA water solutions are 100% safe for humans, animals and our environment.

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