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The perfect product range

Robosol is on a mission to restore balance to the environment and provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions to the world. We aim to make a scalable impact on the green economy through the production and distribution of sustainable consumables to businesses and consumers across the globe. Our products are manufactured according to the best eco-friendly practices that will reduce consumers’ carbon footprint. At Robosol, we have researched a multitude of varying formulations to create the best product for you and our planet. While in the research and development phase, we came across a handful of incredibly powerful yet safe ingredients.

 How Our Products Positively Impact The Environment

All of our products are made from renewable and natural ingredients. This important as it ensures our products are safe for both the environment and us humans. For example, Hypochlorous Acid is the most natural disinfectant in the world making it safe for both skin and surface contact areas. Our Anolyte and Catholyte range reduce the amount of water usage as it does require post-rinse. It’s naturally biodegradable breaking down in natural light without leaving strong smells or residue. Our eco-friendly cleaning detergents use concentrated liquid active ingredients and come in water-soluble sachets. Our products reduce waste by 88%, it’s a small contribution to a really big crisis. Our light and compact cleaning detergents are easy to transport and store. This reduces carbon emissions during the distribution process. Our cleaning detergents reduce waste by 88% while providing 10x quantity compared to traditional products. Our mission at Robosol is to empower consumers with greener choices that reduce the global carbon footprint. This is why we use Pyrethrum and Citriodiol in our insecticide range, they are both naturally occurring ingredients that are extremely effective. Pyrethrum flushes insects out from hiding spaces and eliminates them while treating the area to repel insects for a long-lasting effect.
We love our planet and therefore we have invested heavily into creating the perfect range of products to empower consumers.

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