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Restoring balance with NATURAL INSECTICIDES

While we believe that every living thing serves its purpose in Nature, there are certain insects that are able to wreak havoc in human lives – like flies and mosquitoes. While flies contaminate food that results in serious health implications for family homes, shops, factories and other food-related sectors, mosquitoes are single-handedly responsible for transmitting Malaria, which claims the lives of more than 1 million people every year.

This is why we created a range of non-toxic insecticides and repellents to help prevent insects like flies and mosquitos from posing a major threat to human health, industry and general hygiene.

Everything we need can be found in Nature’s backyard.

We use Nature’s own insecticides such as Pyrethrum and Citridiol, which has a high efficacy rate against common pests such as houseflies, blowflies, cockroaches, aphids and mosquitos.

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The story of the Pyrethrum is a beautiful one and has flourished for centuries. It is suspected to have been traded along the Silk Route into Europe which is how it became established in Croatia. These dried flowers stem from the Dalmatian Daisy and were used by early traders in powdered form to repel fleas and mites in their clothing.

The Pyrethrum daisy is a remarkable plant, producing a microscopic oil used to repel a wide variety of insects. It is fast-acting and breaks down easily in natural light, leaving no residue or toxic chemicals that may be harmful to humans and pets.

While Pyrethrum is mainly used to flush out insects from their hiding places, it also acts as a nerve agent, killing them fast while remaining 100% safe. This incredibly useful extract is essential to products such as our Insect Bomb Natural Fumigator, sprays and dispensers.


Citriodiol is the active ingredient in our insect repellent. Our range of body sprays is highly effective and can last for up to 10 hours. Citriodiol is a by-product of Eucalyptus citriodora oil – another natural remedy against crawling and flying insects.

The RoboSol® product range is versatile enough to use in the safety of your own home or in larger facilities such as food processing plants, warehouses, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, construction sites, marinas and medical practices.

100% Natural Ingredients

Products containing natural ingredients are better for the environment and safer to use on all skin types and surfaces. When it’s good for nature, it’s good for you.

Eco-friendly pest control

Our mission at RoboSol® is to empower consumers with greener choices that reduce the global carbon footprint. What we take from Nature must be restored to ensure a harmonious balance.

Non-toxic to humans and pets

Synthetic chemicals with high toxicity can be quite harmful, and even deadly if inhaled or ingested. Our products are 100% safe for humans, animals and our planet.

Long lasting effect

Using nature to combat nature has been proven to last longer and act more effectively, without the burden of chemical smells, fumes, post rinse and residue.

our best sellers

At RoboSol®, we only use plant-based ingredients to create our range of natural and non-toxic insecticides and repellents, which come in the form of body sprays, aerosols and foggers, suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Our fumigator is made from natural ingredients found in the Chrysanthemum Daisy.


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