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We can talk about our green principles forever and a day, however we believe that our actions have a much greater impact. “Going green” is more than just a trend to us. Nature is very much at the core of everything we do, from the natural ingredients we select for our sustainable products to the organic partnerships and collaborations that we form along the way. It is our lifelong commitment to our people and our planet.

At Robosol® we genuinely care about the environment, and our purpose for doing what we do, and how we do it, is just as important as our actual product. We believe in respect for one another, the power of invention and living harmoniously with our beautiful Mother Earth.

Where Nature giveth, it is our responsibility to restore and maintain the balance.


Ethical. Safe. Organic.

RoboSol® has operations and production facilities based in the city of Split, Croatia. Our highly specialised production facility takes the most ethical approach to scientifically transform natural components such as plant-based Pyrethrum and Citriodiol into highly effective sustainable products and the production of Hypochlorous Acid

Our belief is that if it is safe for nature, then it is safe for you.


To make a scalable impact on the green economy through the production and distribution of sustainable consumables to businesses and consumers across the globe.

To introduce and market green solutions that will reduce consumers’ carbon footprint by using natural products that are designed and manufactured according to eco-friendly best practises.

To innovate and develop premium sustainable products that are 100% environmentally and consumer-friendly.

our mission

To innovate and develop premium sustainable products that are 100% environmentally and consumer-friendly.

Our mission is to empower consumers with organically better choices, enabling them to make eco-friendly decisions that actively contribute to the global reduction of carbon waste on land and sea. The right to choose and buy green completes our action of manufacturing sustainable products that are 100% natural, biodegradable, affordable, easy to replenish and above all, effective.

As hygiene, cleaning and sanitation form part of our daily routine now more than ever, we are constantly looking for new, natural ways to solve everyday problems. RoboSol® aims to provide businesses and consumers with long-term organic solutions that allow consumers to play an active role in eco-conservation.

Become part of the green movement and grow with us.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

our products

Our eco-friendly range of products are natural and 100% biodegradable, good for humans and safe for our planet. Our products are scientifically proven to be as effective and more affordable than regular synthetic products, which are harmful to our land and our oceans.

Our range of sustainable consumables can be divided into three main categories:
Electrolysed Water products (Hypochlorous Acid – Anolyte, Catholyte), Insect control solutions and Detergents.

Cleaning Detergents

Our products are concentrated liquid or granules which are effectively wrapped in a water-soluble pouch or sachet until the point of use. Each specific cleaning solution has been formulated for that particular cleaning function.

As the pouches or sachets are concentrated, we are eliminating the need for single-use plastics. This reduces not only plastic production but a considerable reduction in our carbon footprint.

electrolysed water products

Pest control is a common problem amongst households as well as the retail and hospitality industries. The problem with synthetic insecticides and repellents is its toxicity to both humans and our fragile ozone layer.

We prefer using plant-based oils such as Pyrethrum which is 100% natural. It comes from the Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium daisy and is used in our household aerosols, foggers and insect sprays.

insecticides and repellents

Part of the magic behind our Anolyte and Catholyte product range is the scientific process that has been used for centuries. Through the process of Electro-Chemical Activation (also known as ECA), we combine natural solubles such as water and salt with an electrical current to produce a neutrally charged product called Hypochlorous acid. The end result is a very powerful, all-natural disinfectant that is 300 times more effective than chlorine bleach.

Organically Better

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